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Chamber Internship Program

The Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber represents hundreds of businesses and organizations. Our focus is on helping our members grow and succeed in Northeastern Pennsylvania, fostering economic development and entrepreneurship, driving collaboration and cooperation, and providing opportunities for leadership development.

At this time, we are not currently accepting new application for internship positions. Thank you for your interest and please check back for future semester openings! 

Communications & Social Media Marketing Intern

Works with the Chamber’s Communication Team to develop effective member and public communications, including press releases, social media posts, blog posts, fundraising appeals, editorials, grant proposals & narratives, and marketing materials. A press release writing sample is required, and additional writing samples or a complete portfolio is strongly encouraged. Strong evidence of organizational background is also suggested.

Programs & Events Intern

Works with the Chamber staff to plan, manage, and execute special events – from committee meetings to 50-person lunches, to 500-person dinners. Additionally they will assist with coordinating programs such as the Women's Network, Chamber Ambassadors (volunteer 'street team'), Networking Mixers and Events, Awards programs, etc.  Intern must have excellent verbal and written communication skills, an impeccable attention to detail, and ability to think on his or her feet and make logical, well considered decisions quickly and confidently. The intern should have a strong background in Microsoft Office.  Event planning experience is desired. Excellent communication skills and a strong understanding of project management is required.

Economic & Entrepreneurial Development Intern

Works with the Wilkes-Barre Connect Team to coordinate and execute the Wilkes-Barre Connect Program to attract, encourage, and drive entrepreneurship and business development in Greater Wilkes-Barre. Intern will connect startups and existing businesses to the necessary services and providers to accelerate them through the business life cycle. Interns will review intake forms, manage the Connect database, manage touch points, and attend monthly Connect meetings. Strong evidence of organizational leadership, community service, businesses strategy, and system management experience are encouraged.

Send your resume, cover letter, portfolio, and any writing samples to:

Required internship hours are dependent on each schools specified curriculum. Please contact your internship coordinator for requirements specific to your school.

Generally, internships must be done for credit. In rare instances, interns who wish to undertake the experience of an internship but do not have the ability to do so for credit must still complete all requirements as if the internship was being taken for credit at his or her academic institution.

2017 Interns
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