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Advocacy – Public Policy & Government Affairs

The Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce) serves the following counties in the Wyoming Valley – Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming Counties. The Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan organization. It will identify challenges and potential solutions to problems faced by businesses in the community that they serve. Solutions will be derived from public policy analysis, data, and best practices in other states or communities. Solutions will not be based on party ideology or partisan politics.

The goal of the Government Affairs Council for 2021 is to provide quality information to the members of the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber through online applications and events, customized to meet the demands identified through segmented surveys.  In addition, the GAC will continue to work with the Scranton Chamber, and other chambers, to provide regional programming that benefits the entire region of the Wyoming Valley in Northeastern PA.

The sole purpose of the council is to support its members by voicing the challenges and opportunities the face doing business in the Wyoming Valley in Northeastern Pennsylvania to the appropriate elected officials, seek to identify potential legislative solutions, and to provide members with information on issues, elected officials, and information to educate themselves. The Council will not advocate or support any elected official at any level of government in any way in their attempt to seek elected positions.  The Committee will not engage in lobbying, fundraising or any other activity that may appear partisan in nature or outside the scope of advocacy and information sharing.

We Want to Hear Your Opinion in Our 2021 Topic Surveys!

We are conducting several mini-surveys of the membership in order to gauge the level of interest in some pending issues that the Government Affairs Council may want to advocate for on a policy level with the Chamber Board.

We plan to tally the results for policy action by the Government Affairs Council and the Chamber Board. This information will also allow us to compare trends in our membership feedback on issues from previous annual surveys conducted by the Council. Information from these surveys will also assist in guiding the 2021 programs and events of the Chamber, and the Council plans to use these to fulfill their 2021 work plan. We are still planning to conduct the annual survey later in the year, and these responses to the mini-surveys will lead us to further evaluation and depth.

Click on the topic below to take the brief survey. Thank you for your participation!

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