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Meet Our Staff

Meet the Members of Our Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber Team That Run the Wilkes-Barre Connect Program!

Shanie Mohamed Headshot 2023

Shanie Mohamed

Director of Economic Development

Wilkes-Barre Connect Oversight, Economic Development Special Projects, Entrepreneurial Development, Workforce Development, and Business Financing

Alex Piehl Headshot 2023

Alex Piehl

Economic Development Specialist

Wilkes-Barre Connect Core Programs, Entrepreneurial Assistance, Co-Working Services, Connect Inclusive Program, Wilkes-Barre Connect Conference

Lindsay Griffin Headshot

Lindsay Griffin-Boylan

President & CEO of the Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce and Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Business & Industry

Affinity Groups, Education and Training, Program Management, Major Events, Sponsorship, Community Outreach, and Organizational and Operations Management

Matthew Bickert Headshot

Matthew Bickert, CPA

Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer 

Financial Reporting, Accounts Receivables, Payroll Processing, Bank Relationship Management, General Ledger Management, Budget, and Human Resources


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